As the months start to become cooler and the leaves start to fall and pile up upon your lawn, it may be difficult to go outside frequently and easy to transition into some habits that come along with the cool weather. After many years of working in the lawn and garden maintenance industry, we have picked up on some interesting tips and preparation mistakes that you should try to avoid this fall and winter to steer clear from these habits!
1. Discontinuing watering your plants – Once the sun starts to vanish and the cold weather starts to appear, we have noticed that many of our clients assume that they no longer need or have to water their plants. This, however, is not the case with many popular types of greenery such as hedges, fruit trees and shrubs. All three of these plants do, in fact, need watering during the fall and winter months. With that being said, as long as the temperature outside is bearable enough to be in, make sure you still water your lawn and plants enough to avoid dehydration or disease.

2. Skipping out on Raking the Yard – We understand that the leaves on your lawn can amount to a very tedious and time consuming task, but it truly is the secret to keeping your lawn healthy, happy and living. If this is neglected, your lawn is at a high risk of growing fungus and mold and may never recover – now that would be an even bigger head ache! Always be sure to do this task, and hey, if you need a helping hand contact our team and we will be happy to assist you!

3. Continuing to Use Weed Killer to Spray Plants – Weed killer is a useful product to implement into your lawn and garden, as long as the temperature is warm enough. We recommend that you should only being using week killer treatment when the temperature outside remains above 60 degrees.

4. Not stocking up on New Garden Supplies – It may sound a little strange to recommend purchasing brand new lawn and garden supplies at the end of the season; however, this is one tip that you will not regret. Many local garden supply stores offer huge deals, bargains and promotions on lawn care products including tools, soil, pots, seeds and more. The markdowns have been known to rise up to 90% off. We strongly recommend stocking up this fall on all your garden and lawn supplies and don’t miss out the great deals!

5. Avoiding Pest Problems – We have seen many scenarios where individuals assume that since the weather is going to be cold, they no longer have to worry about their current pest infestation. This could not be farther from the truth! Insects have a way of burying themselves beneath surfaces and soil and the more time they are living on your plants, the more likely they will destroy them. Make sure to continue to maintain your pest problem, even if the weather doesn’t seem to fit!

Avoiding these few errors this season will drastically help to improve your home landscape, and save you some pretty nasty headaches in the future!