So… you’ve taken our sage advice and hauled that mower down to the shop for a good cleaning, sharpening and oiling; you’ve switched out your salt for sawdust; you’ve watered when necessary, joined a local gardening club, even started a green-thumb blog… and it’s still January. Now what? These long winter months can really kick you in the grass. Here’s how to stay busy:

Restricted Area!

Although your lawn will require some attention over the winter season, only walk on it when absolutely necessary. Stay off the lawn when it’s frosty as this will effectively crush the grass blades, turning it dark at best and killing it outright at worst. Naturally, you’ll have to cancel that mid-winter bocce tournament, as well.


Your primary winter duty will be ensuring that your lawn is free of debris. Be sure to remove any leaves and other flora litter. Gently raking it away gets rid of worm casts, which minimizes the risk of weeds. It also combats the encroachment of invading mosses.


Grass that lives on compact soil or heavy clay often falls victim to seasonal elements. Aerate your soil to avoid waterlogged winter lawns. You can accomplish this by spiking your green space with a special hollow tined fork or (if this isn’t an item in your garden shed) a regular garden fork. Space the holes at 15-20 centimeters (6-8 inch) intervals and scatter a handful of coarse sand over any problematic areas that are muddy or retaining moisture.


Where there’s excess water, there are problems. Many a beautiful lawn has fallen victim to thawing snow or heavy rains. Give your green space a fighting chance by improving your drainage situation. Spike the waterlogged areas with a hand fork but don’t fill in any depressions yet! They need to be intermittently treated with a few modest applications of sifted soil over the span of the growing season.

Now get back to that gardening blog of yours.

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