Working as a landscaper and owning your own company is a rewarding job, as you are given the opportunity to transform yards into beautiful masterpieces. As high as it is to work outside and enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, the winter time poses quite a challenge for this type of work. Luckily, landscapers do not have to lock up their equipment and skills during the winter months because there are many things they can do to earn a living still.

Snow Removal

Most landscapers, especially those who own a landscaping company, will have their work truck. This is ideal for snow removal because you can purchase a detachable snow plow to hook onto your vehicle and get down to work. Landscapers can earn quite a bit of money doing this in snowy cities, and they can contract themselves out to clear parking lots, neighborhoods, and highways.

landscaping businesses looking to remove snow in this snow covered city

Plant Trees

Springtime is not the only time to get your hands dirty in the garden. In fact, winter is the perfect time to plant or transplant bushes, shrubs, or trees, as long as the ground is not entirely frozen. Landscapers can make quite a bit of dough doing this in the winter time, especially for their clients who have large yards. Other jobs related to up-keeping yards are pruning, planning new gardens or future renovations, trimming trees, planting winter annuals and raking soil.


Landscapers are not only in charge of the lawn or flower beds, but they can also get involved in building fences, pathways, arbors, flower beds and doing mending to all these things. It is a smart idea to do this type of work for clients during the winter months rather than spring or summer time so that you can dedicate those warm months to planting, digging, and cutting grass, shrubs, and trees.

Window Cleaning

This is not directly related to landscaping; however, it is a favorite job that many landscapers do during the winter time. Landscapers have to be very tidy people in their work, as the customer wants a clean and perfectly landscaped yard! That being said, window cleaning requires all the same techniques that landscapers need: the steady hand, right eye, and hard work. A lot of businesses will pay well for window cleaners who come by once or twice a week to clean their windows.

landscaping business start up washing windows

Christmas Lights

As December nears, a lot of homeowners will start putting up Christmas lights. What better way than to make your rounds door to door and help put holiday lights up for families? This is primarily a right way to make money in older adults’ complexes who may not be able to hang lights themselves. All you need is a right ladder, staple gun, and gloves! Landscapers can also set up other holiday ornaments like blow-up characters in the front yard our string lights in trees. It is essential that if you are working with a crew, that you go over light safety and even talk with a local electrician.

Landscaping does not have to stop in the summertime. There are many excellent and enjoyable ways to bring in an income as a landscaper throughout those harsh winter months. The next time you find yourself sitting once December 1st comes, try out some of these winter job ideas for landscapers and see how much your bank account thanks you.

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