Why lime a lawn?  This is a common question and is misunderstood by many?  Do you lime to kill Moss? No!  Lime does not kill moss.  Moss can grow in acidic or basic soils.  If you live in a raining climate like Vancouver your soil will tend to be acidic.  If you have conifer trees surrounding your property their needles will result in a more acidic soil.  So why lime? Grass likes  near neutral soil!  You are liming to balance the ph of the soil so that your grass will have the best growing conditions.  Grass grown in an almost neutral soil will be able to access all of the nurtients it needs in the soil.  When choosing a lime product go premium like Doloprill, cheap varieties of lime have alot of carrier which is doing nothing for your lawn.  Just because the bag weighs the same amount does not mean the same amount of active ingredient.

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