The early time in spring is the best time to add lime to your lawn and will help improve the condition of your soil. If your garden has been damaged from the winter time, do not apply lime on the first warm day. Wait until the grass beings to grow again in the spring.

Liming can have many positive effects on your grass. Calcite lime is excellent for every lawn especially those that need some extra care.

a baby lawn mowing

Balance pH levels

If the soil becomes acidic, it can be hard to grow grass that is healthy. Plants will not be able to get the nutrients that they need including nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Lime can balance out the pH levels so the plants can get the nutrients that it needs.

Control Moss

Moss loves acidic soils. Moss can grow in shady and moist areas with high acidic levels in the ground. Grass cannot keep up with the moss.

Calcite lime can balance out the pH giving the grass a chance to compete against the moss.

Lime is not able to kill moss. Existing moss may require additional treatments.

Control Weeds

Weeds love soil that is acidic. If the grass can get back to a balanced pH level, this will decrease the chance for plants to take over.

Protect the Grass

Calcitic lime adds something that is of great value to the lawn; it adds calcium.

Calcium will help make the grass rich green color and will make it stable. It will also protect the lawn from stressors such as heat, a drought, and heavy usage.


Liming the lawn can help improve fertilizers by supporting the good bacteria grow in the soil. This will allow the compost to have a better performance and the pH levels will provide much-needed nutrients to the grass.

It is recommended to correct the pH levels in the lawn before adding fertilizer.