Homeowners know that beautiful lawns don’t just happen.  A beautiful lawn requires care and on-going maintenance.  Aerating, thatching, and fertilizing are a few steps that dedicated homeowners take each year to have lawns that are the talk of the neighborhood and timing is critical to success.  When is the best time to fertilize your lawn?

The Facts About Fertilizer

All grasses need nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to grow well. Most fertilizers contain all three of these elements with mixtures that three or four times more nitrogen than phosphorous and twice as much nitrogen than potassium.

  • Nitrogen (N). Nitrogen is an essential element in the soil that encourages grass growth and promotes plant sturdiness.
  • Phosphorous (P). Phosphorous encourages root growth which allows the grass to become established in the soil.
  • Potassium (K).  Potassium helps the grasses resist cold weather and increases durability.

While these elements do occur naturally in the soil, the only way to know how your soil stacks up is to have it professionally tested. Most lawns benefit from a regular application of commercially available fertilizer to supplement that natural chemical makeup of the soil.

When Is the Best Time to Apply a Fertilizer Product?

Spring and fall are the best times to apply fertilizer throughout the Vancouver region.  Choose a time-release product that will provide adequate nutrition for the grasses over a few months.  This allows for an even, steady application of fertilizer making mid-summer fertilization unnecessary.

In the spring, you will want to avoid an early application of fertilizer that is extremely high in nitrogen.  While nitrogen is essential for grass growth, it also fuels the growth of unsightly weeds. Instead, start by removing thatch and aerating the soil, before applying fertilizer.  Once the temperature in the Vancouver area has warmed to around 20ºC, usually around mid-May, we recommend applying a slow release fertilizer after the ground has complete thawed.

Toward the end of summer, a shot of nitrogen and phosphorous packed fertilizer is just what your yard needs.  The nitrogen will aid your grass as it recovers from a long hot summer and possibly some drought-induced dormancy.  The nitrogen will push the blades to grow.  The dose of phosphorus will encourage deep root growth before winter arrives and blankets your lawn with snow and ice.

Want to take the stress out of DIY lawn care?  At Bur-Han Garden & Lawn Care we offer residential fertilization packages that take all of the guesswork out of having a beautiful lawn.