A landscaper is a person that makes their living by changing the Earth and water to make a property visually pleasing. A person that trains in landscaping needs to improve upon the existing shape of the ground, or they may need to make their design. If a person is interested in landscaping, they may need to study water gardens and fountains, the installation of sprinkler systems, and irrigation systems, and other ideas for a farm. While the educational requirements may not be too strict, this can be a good option for a person looking to change their career.

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What are the Responsibilities of a Landscaper?

There are many different career options in landscaping. A person can do everything from trim and shape trees to planting flowers. They may also need to install an irrigation system. Some landscapers may work on farms and golf courses. They would be a landscaping architect. A landscaper can also help residential clients make their homes look more pleasing.

Large companies have grounds that need to be maintained as well as schools and universities. Public parks need to be managed as well as zoos and theme parks. All of these places need someone to take care of their landscaping needs. On a smaller scale, landscapers can earn a good living taking care of residential properties and planting flowers and trees. There is not a lot of training need for that, so this can be a good and smooth career change.

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What is the working environment of a landscaper like?

The office for a landscaper can be anywhere from a backyard to working to maintain the lawn of a large campus. The workplace is mostly outdoors. If a landscaper owns their own small business, they may have an office out of their home.

A bootstrapping landscaper may work on classes towards a degree while they continue to work. They may need to purchase a van and equipment if they want to start their own business and use some marketing techniques to get new customers.

Landscapers may work long hours including evenings and weekends. They may work during the winters months if they have a plow but the work is generally slower. Landscaping is not a stress-free work. There are still deadlines to meet and employers to work with.

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