Keeping a healthy lawn requires year-long maintenance and care. From watering, mowing, fertilizing, and aeration, there are plenty of ways to keep your garden and lawn looking great, especially if you are considering a move to a more organic landscape plan.

As a homeowner, a strata or residential property manager, your lawn may require unique services. This can also impact the types of products that are used to keep your property looking great. If you are planning to make the switch to an organic landscape, then keep these key questions in mind.

–          What kinds of products including pesticides and fertilizers are you using?

–          What is the soil makeup of your lawn and garden?

–          Are you using compost to help introduce organic fertilizer to your soil?

–          Have you aerated your lawn properly/enough times to help oxygen reach the soil?

While making the switch to an organic landscape, keep in mind that your lawn will have to adjust to the change. This could take some time but as with all good things, they come to those that wait. And if you ever have any questions, always ask your landscaping company what you can do to help with the transition process. And for more tips, be sure to check out this great article from Falon Mihalic on Houzz.