With the fall season slowly settling in, your lawn and garden will need to adjust to the change in weather. The cooler weather and increase in precipitation can require a different type of lawn maintenance including changing your watering and raking schedule. With the arrival of the fall season, it can be a great opportunity to fix some of those troubled lawn spots too. Here are few ways to get your lawn looking great this fall season:

  • Get started with composting: Raking up all the dead foliage is a great way to build a compost pile in your garden that will provide you with plenty of organic fertilizer all year round. Just be sure to aerate it properly!
  •  Test the soil: Check your soil to find out what kinds of nutrients might be lacking that help grow a healthy lawn.
  • Protect your grass: Everything from the proper lawn mowing to ensuring that your grass seeds don’t dry out can keep your lawn green and help prevent brown patches from cropping up across your lawn.

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