Taking proper care of your lawn maintenance tools is important in order to keep your tools working for years to come.

Proper cleaning and maintenance can include:

  • Dusting
  • Washing
  • Replacing parts like air filters are essential for power tools like lawn mowers and weed whackers

Proper mechanical and electrical maintenance includes:

  • Checking batteries
  • Testing for leaks
  • Replacing spark plugs and other components that can die out
  • Sharpening blades

Aside from the cleaning and general maintenance, knowing when to mow your lawn can help increase the lifetime of your lawn as well. Avoid mowing your lawn when it’s wet, do not cut grass blades lower than 3 inches, and keep mower blades sharp to help keep grass from getting infected.

For more great tips, check out this infographic from PartSelect.com.

lawn mower maintenance