Garden Rant has a puzzling post about Sayyid Qutb, an Egyptian Islamic scholar who resided for six months in the small town of Greeley, Colorado in 1949. Qutb had a first-hand look into the American life which brought him resentment, prompting him to become a core source of inspiration for Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda.

Denver’s city magazine, 5280 gives an account of how Qutb reacted to Greeleyites’ lifestyles, for instance, their seriousness in maintaining well-manicured flower plots and lawns. The post referred to this as “bad gardening.”Greeley citizens’ opinion on the goodness of having neat lawns and hedges defended by the majority of the people who commented on the article.

Negative criticism

On any garden practice, for instance, matching the color of garden furniture to that of the flowers is often discredited. Many gardening bloggers are in unison that a gardener’s satisfaction in his garden reigns supreme. I partially agree with the view that one is at liberty to do all that they wish in their garden. However, I am similarly free to voice my opinion on the same. I will provide my criticism from an artistic professional’s point of view.

ideas to garndening

A front yard whose hedges have shaped into little boxes and regimented annuals or a backyard with high gazing balls, windmills, and cowboy silhouettes obscuring the flowers is not appealing. There are basic gardening maintenance rules that have to observe. Blogs are an essential forum for discussing the topic since mainstream press does not adequately focus on gardening.


Favorite gardens like Hestercombe, a design of Sir Edwin Lutyens and implemented by Gertrude Jekyll (shown above) require planning, hard work, and discipline. English gardens often look full and wild, require more maintenance and sticking to their initial design.

One has to maintain the set standards. Bur-Han Garden & lawn care’s gardens are pacesetters. The plants in these gardens are self-framed and designed unlike those in American gardens which are shrouded in other objects. I purpose to prioritize on plants alone in my gardens this year. Are you looking for help with your garden work? Contact Bur-Han garden, landscaping, and lawn care today at (604) 983-2687 or visit us at and get amazing results.

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