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New Westminster Landscape Maintenance

BUR-HAN Garden and Lawn Care offers landscape maintenance to many customers in the New Wesminster area. We currently provide strata and commercial landscape care services to our New Westminster clients.

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Our Lawn Care Services in New Westminster

Are you looking for commercial lawn care services? Or how about commercial landscaping maintenance? Do you need help coming up with a creative garden design or seasonal planting tips? Whichever it may be, BUR-HAN has all of your lawn care, garden and landscaping needs covered! For more information on some of the lawn care services we provide, take a look below:

Commercial Landscaper Services in New Westminster:

About New Westminster

New Westminster just so happens to be the oldest city in Western Canada. In 1859, the Royal Engineers arrived from England and chose New Westminster as the first capital of the new colony of British Columbia. The city was selected for its beautiful scenery and tactical location on the famous Fraser River. Queen Victoria loved the founding city so much, that she decided to name the city after Westminster, England, which also happened to be her favorite city. This designation earned the city the moniker to The Royal City.

Today the city has developed into a gorgeous view of landscape, water and ever evolving neighborhoods. The city is made up of its Historic Downtown, the gorgeous Quay, Uptown, West End, Queensborough, and Sapperton. There is amazing food, shopping, festivals, and parks to visit, and it is quickly becoming and up and coming destination for great times, beautify scenery and astounding food.