Retaining Walls West Vancouver by BUR-HAN


A well designed and installed retaining wall can add function and structure to your garden, often increasing the useable space (especially in sloped yards) by creating a foundation for your landscape.

Types of  retaining wall materials we offer :

Modular Block Retaining Walls:

Modular block walls now come in many sizes, shapes, textures and colours to suit almost any outdoor decor. They are comparable in price to “poured in place” concrete walls, with many significant advantages. These concrete block systems are durable and flexible so they do not crack like a “poured in place” concrete wall and are easier to repair. The manufactured concrete blocks enable the installation to be precise, taking all the guesswork out of what the end product will be and ensuring a long-lasting product guaranteed not to fail.

Natural Rock:

Natural rock comes in a great variety of sizes and shapes and can be very useful and aesthetic in informal settings while a formal wall can be created using rock specifically quarried for the purpose. Natural rock walls have the most significant variance in appearance and price, ranging from a rockery (loosely fitted rock on a slope) perhaps costing less than most alternatives to tightly fitted feature walls that can be among the most expensive. The biggest drawback of using rock is meeting expectations with the budget.

Living Walls:

There are different products on the market now that enable us to build an engineered wall using a “sandbag” method. The bags are filled with sand and organic soil so that the wall can be planted, creating a much softer and natural appearing retaining wall. These retaining walls are often used in environmentally sensitive areas or where there is insufficient access.

Timber Walls:

Timber walls are a cost-effective alternative for the short term. Timber walls can generally be installed for less money than the other options; but over time, even pressure treated timbers will be subject to rot and decay. Often a popular choice for raised planters and vegetable gardens.

Please note: when using timbers for vegetable gardens, it is best to avoid pressure treated products as they contain many toxins. Natural cedar or organic preservatives are a better choice.

Retaining Walls West Vancouver by BUR-HAN

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Retaining Garden Walls West Vancouver by BUR-HAN

One of the best and most effective solutions to protect your property from soil erosion from excess rain is by building a retaining wall. With the right choice of materials, BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn Care can create a stunning hardscape around your garden/lawn that is both visually stunning as well as functional.

Retaining Walls West Vancouver by BUR-HAN

Whether your retaining wall needs require an engineer or not, our certified installers are familiar with the requirements of a variety of retaining wall materials for varying wall heights and install to a standard that exceeds most in the industry.

One important step before planning a new retaining wall installation is to ensure you start with a landscape design. Why is this so important?

By getting a landscape design, this will ensure that all your visions are correctly considered and put together in a way that will guarantee the outcome you are looking for. A landscape designer will work with your ideas and provide you with the best options possible. The design itself  will ensure all parties involved are on the same page and will allow you, the homeowner, to hold any and all contractors accountable.

Retaining Walls West Vancouver by BUR-HAN

If you feel you need the help of a landscape designer we would be happy to provide you with the recommendations for one! While we do not currently provide landscape designs, if you are in need of some professional help from a landscape designer in the Burnaby area, contact Vera Bedard (604)-318-0221.

Retaining Walls West Vancouver by BUR-HAN

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