Moss Control in Lawns

Unless you are planning on creating a moss carpet, moss control can be an ongoing problem for lawn owners in the Lower Mainland. Let’s face it: moss loves our wet West Coast environment. Unlike grass, which favours a more alkaline soil, moss thrives in acidic soil.

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Moss Control in the Lower Mainland

Thanks to our heavy winter rainfall, it’s easy for the most nutrient-rich soil to turn acidic. What’s more, given the low level of sunlight and the high concentration of trees in the Lower Mainland, moss can aggressively grow and take over yards. Read more about moss removal.

At Bur-Han Garden and lawn care, we mix our own sulpher and iron to treat moss straight to its roots. We do not use powdered products which is ineffective because it requires raking to be done after applying it (this procedure only exposes the root of the moss again which causes it to grow back faster again). Once the moss control has been applied to your lawn – the areas of moss will turn brown or black and will slowly decompose back into the lawn over a period of weeks. No need to rake anything away.

Moss control application is completely safe for kids and pets. However, we do still recommend staying off the lawn for a 24 hour period after moss control application to avoid staining as the product is liquid/iron based.

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