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Vancouver is the perfect place for a new grass or sod installation. The best and easiest time to install a sod lawn is in the spring and the fall. Contact BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn Care today to find out details and prices for new grass at your home or commercial property.

Sod or Turf Grass

One of the fastest ways to turn your old or damaged lawn into something beautiful and brand new again! Our crew will come in and remove the existing lawn, clear the area where the sod needs to go, fertilize, add premium topsoil, roll the lawn flat to fix any minor imperfections and lay the lawn. The finished product is nice and level and is a deep even green. There is no limit to the size or shape of the yard we can do in this fashion. The grass can be walked on right away but 3 weeks are recommended (depending on the season) before heavy use takes place. Sod can be installed any time of the year in Vancouver; however, if the sod is installed after the middle of November it may not root and should not be used until spring when it will have the best possible chance at success. Though installing a lawn seems straightforward, there are a number of pitfalls involved in the process which may not be obvious at first glance. Here, lawn care and landscape contractors share their tips for a frustration-free installation.

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Which type of lawn is best?

There are a few common options for achieving a lush, green lawn. Sod can be rolled out for an immediate green look, seeding or hydroseeding are inexpensive options which allow you to choose the exact varieties of grass in your lawn, and artificial turf is a maintenance-free alternative that is especially appealing in trouble areas.


Sod has instant appeal and the initial maintenance to get it established is much easier. As freshly laid sod has a tighter root system and fewer weeds will grow into it. However, sod can be more susceptible to disease than a seeded lawn, and the initial installation costs more than seeding. While a new lawn can give you instant curb appeal (and is an ideal choice when trying to sell your home) new sod does need to be maintained properly in order for it to survive and look the best so please keep this in mind when deciding on what type of lawn you are looking for. Our experts at BUR-HAN are more than happy to provide you with all the best recommendations and tips we can in order to ensure your newly sodded lawn looks great and lasts a lifetime!

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A hand-seeded lawn is an easy option for homeowners who want to do it themselves or to have help with a professional lawn company. Over-seeding an established lawn can also help thicken it up/improve the appearance of any balding spots. The disadvantage is that when you create ideal conditions for lawn seed to sprout, weed seeds will also come up and seed can take anywhere from 7 – 21 days to fully germinate.


Artificial Turf
Once installed, artificial turf needs no maintenance beyond keeping the surface free of leaves and other
debris, so it’s a popular choice in places where there are water shortages or not ideal growing conditions. Artificial turf is especially great in tiny spaces that may prove difficult to irrigate or mow, and on putting greens where a consistent surface is of benefit. However, it does heat up in the sun, so may not be ideal for families with pets or small children and is much more expensive to install than sod.

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Repair Lawn/Change into Garden

Have the crows or raccoons destroyed your lawn in Greater Vancouver?  We can help you with a new lawn installation this year.  With the fairly mild winters that we are experiencing, we are able to install new grass or sod at almost any time of the year (however spring or fall is most recommended).  Contact BUR-HAN lawn and garden care for solutions to your lawn issues at your home or commercial property.

Many lawns have been badly damaged by European Chafer Beetles this season so it may be that another route is preferred (i.e.: changing lawn into garden space). Our team is happy to provide estimates and recommendation on the different options associated with that.


The Installation Process

While the beginning stages of installing a lawn are similar for seed, hydroseed, sod, and artificial turf, some elements are very different. Below, professionals share the step-by-step processes they use to get a great result for each type of lawn.

Install Irrigation
Since you need to trench in order to add the sprinkler system, it’s important to do that before you lay the

Remove Debris
Remove all stones, roots, and construction debris to obtain a smooth surface to act as a base for your
new lawn.

Install Edging
Whether you’re using brick, steel, concrete, or plastic edging, it’s best to install it prior to putting in the
lawn so that you don’t mess up the smooth surface of your soil. The edging also makes it easier to get a
consistent grade across the entirety of the lawn.

Create a finished, smooth soil surface which will act as the base for your lawn. The soil should be about a
half inch below the desired final grade.

Apply Lime
We suggest adding lime depending on the base of your soil, which gives the soil the more alkaline pH it prefers.

Sod Rollers
A sod roller is just a heavy drum that is filled with water and can be pushed, using a handle, across the
lawn to help the sod make good contact with the soil.

Apply a Starter Fertilizer
Apply fertilizer to the lawn which will give your lawn the nutrients it needs to succeed.

Water, Water, Water
Depending on how hot it is, you may need to water as much as 20 minutes three times per day for the
first two weeks to help your son get established. “If it gets soggy or if the temperatures fall, you can turn
down the irrigation”.

Lawn Sprinkler

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