Landscape Makeover for Real Estate

First impressions can be crucial, especially when it comes to real estate. From detached homes to townhouses, apartment complexes to community cul-de-sacs, real estate landscaping is important when buying and selling a home. Great landscaping can easily increase your home’s curb appeal while also increasing the property value.

Investing in your home’s landscaping has many benefits as well. Proper landscape maintenance ensures that your lawn and garden stay healthy all year round. Small details like landscape rocks and stone walkways are great for added curb appeal.

At BUR-HAN, we understand that proper landscaping is essential in helping your home look its best. From a well-manicured lawn to properly trimmed hedges and thoughtfully placed flowers, every detail counts. For over 25 years, we have helped clients across the Lower Mainland with their real estate landscape makeover needs.


Garden Landscaping

Our makeover services include:

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