Vancouver summers are a great time to get outside, enjoy the sunny weather, and get your garden healthy. Mowing, watering, weeding, and proper fertilization are all essential to ensuring that your lawn maintenance continues all year. Each summer, you may have noticed that your lawn feels spongy. This is a common sign that your lawn may have a chafer beetle infestation. Also known as European Chafers, these beetles feed on the roots of all types of plants, including turf and grass. Chafer Beetle infestations have become so common in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, that the City of Vancouver has even released a full information list to help keep homeowners aware of how to spot and treat their lawns.

Although Chafer beetle damage is easier to spot in winter and summer due to brown patches that the beetles leave behind, chafer beetles can continue to feed on your lawn all year. At Bur-Han Garden & Lawn Care, we know that chafer beetles can cause long-lasting damage to your lawn.

To help preserve your garden, the Bur-Han team has developed a successful Nematode Application that can help prevent any chafer beetles infestations from happening. Bur-Han’s Nematode Application is a completely non-toxic process which ensures that your lawn stays healthy. For more information and a quote on getting your lawn treated, visit us here.