With spring only two months away, homeowners in the Greater Vancouver area will have to contend with a growing nuisance: the European chafer beetle.

According to today’s article in The Province titled “Pain in the grass: European Chafer beetles devastating for North Vancouver lawns”, the beetle larvae hatch under grass turf and then feed on the roots. This attracts birds and animals like raccoons that dig up the lawn to get to the larvae. Pretty soon, homeowners are left with brown, patchy lawns that have been ruined by both the beetles and the predators that feast on them.

Despite the spread of the chafer beetle in Vancouver, North Vancouver, and other Lower Mainland cities, Bur-Han’s very own office manager Frances Mior gave Province readers some helpful tips on how to get rid of the chafer beetle.

We are getting two types of calls,” Mior said. “There are people who have noticed it and know what is happening and there are others who have never seen this before and don’t know what to do. They are freaking out a bit … ”

Bur-Han’s lawn care team also specialized in Nematode Application which is a proven treatment to get rid of chafer beetles.