Prepping your lawn and garden in the fall season is essential to ensuring your lawn stays healthy all year round. Properly prepping your garden and moving certain plants and shrubs to indoor pots can keep your plants healthy all year long. However, not all plants need to be planted in the spring time

Tulips are generally thought of as the most popular bulb to plant in the fall, there are plenty of other bulbs to choose from. Simply follow these tips to ensure your fall gardening (and your spring gardening) get off to a good start.

How to Choose the Right Bulbs

Unlike most seeds or seedlings, choosing the right bulbs to plant is very important in ensuring that your spring garden blossoms properly. Bigger bulbs generally produce bigger blossoms. Be careful when choosing your bulbs. Avoid mushy or soft bulbs and go for those that are plump and firm.

Where to Plant Your Bulbs

Like most plants, flowers that blossom from bulbs require sunlight. However, to grow and blossom to their fullest potential, bulbs require about six hours of sunlight a day so shaded areas are not recommended. Planting the bulbs deep enough ensures that they grow properly. A good rule of thumb to follow is the 3 to 1 rule. If your bulb is 2 inches long, then dig plant it 6 inches below the surface. Be sure to also ensure that the soil is well-drained.

For more tips on getting your bulbs ready this fall, check out this How-To Guide from BHG.