It’s the time of year when the leaves change color and Halloween decorations take their place on lawns and porches everywhere. If you live in a neighborhood, you will probably see a number of Halloween trick-or-treaters each year, on the hunt for their annual candy haul. By preparing your lawn ahead of time, you can create a festive atmosphere for the young ghosts and goblins who will visit your house on Halloween.

Getting Your Lawn Ready for Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween is a very popular holiday, and it gives you an excellent chance to show off your lawn to dozens of people. The holiday also results in a number of accidents each year, due to trips and falls because of unprepared lawns. Not only should you focus on decor for your home and lawn, you should focus on safety measures as well. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make your lawn safe for trick-or-treaters without sacrificing beautiful decor:

#1 Properly Light Your Lawn

Trick-or-treating happens at night, so your lawn will be dark when people begin to arrive. You don’t want any trick-or-treaters to trip or otherwise hurt themselves while navigating unfamiliar territory, so properly light your lawn and walkways to avoid accidents. During the Halloween season, many specialty stores sell festive lights with themes to fit the occasion – these are an excellent choice to light your lawn for Halloween.

#2 Remove Obstacles from Your Yard

During the fall season, there may be an abundance of sticks, leaves, or other debris in your yard, which could pose an issue to trick-or-treaters visiting your house. Remove anything from your lawn which could cause trick-or-treaters to trip or fall in order to prevent injury.

#3 Relocate Outdoor Valuables

Most families who visit your home for Halloween will be strangers, so prepare yourself and your valuables accordingly. If you have expensive pots, planters, or furniture on your porch, move it indoors for protection. This will help to prevent theft, keeping your valuables safe while strangers walk through your lawn.

#4 Trim Your Shrubs and Bushes

Overhanging branches can be dangerous to passersby for a number of reasons. It is a good idea to trim your bushes and shrubs before dozens of visitors come to your house on Halloween.

#5 Have Fun with Decorations

The holidays are a time to decorate, and Halloween is no exception. With the emergence of dedicated Halloween stores, Halloween decor is more readily available today than ever before. Jack-o-Lanterns, skeletons, and tombstones are all popular lawn decorations for Halloween. You may want to consider choosing a theme and picking out decorations to follow the theme of your choice.

Halloween is one of the most popular of holidays for children and adults alike, and it provides homeowners a chance to decorate their home and lawn. Unfortunately, many accidents occur on Halloween because of unprepared lawns and poorly lit walkways. Picking out decorations for your lawn is fun, but don’t forget to make your lawn as safe as possible for trick-or-treaters by following the tips above.

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