Metro Vancouver experienced falling temperatures this winter, gripping the city with heavy snowfalls, icy streets and cancelled buses and ferries. In other words, an “actual” winter descended upon the Lower Mainland this year.

Though we can never be sure whether the worst of winter is truly behind us, it seems that most lawns have now emerged from the melted snow and ice – and many are looking worse for it. Here are some tips for giving your lawn some attention to help it return to good health.

Repair Your Lawn After a Harsh Winter

Tip #1: Soak Your Lawn

Your lawn may have experienced some damage from salt and chemical deicers during the winter, which is usually more noticeable along the road and driveway where your lawn may appear brown. As soon as the weather permits, soak the affected areas to wash away excess salt and chemicals.

Tip #2: Time to Reseed

Repair badly damaged or bare patches by overseeding or patching with new sod – doing this right away will help ensure that weeds can’t take hold. Your local lawn care experts at BUR-HAN can provide advice on repairing bare patches and recommend an improved variety that is more resistant to disease and drought and suitable for your growing conditions.

Tip #3: Aerate Your Lawn

After a harsh winter, lawns tend to suffer from compaction due to snow and ice being piled up. To resolve this, you can aerate your lawn, since it helps loosen soil that’s been compacted. For best results, wait until peak growing season to aerate your lawn so that you get maximum moisture and nutrient absorption.

Tip #4: Deal with Moss and Weeds

During the colder months your lawn may have become overrun with moss and weeds. They can be eradicated with a variety of treatments, but the important thing to realize is that treating moss and weeds is only half the solution. Your lawn health must also be boosted so that moss and weeds cannot grow back. Lawn aeration is the best way to achieve a thick, healthy turf that discourages moss and weed growth. In addition, BUR-HAN offers organic weed sprays and moss removal solutions mixed specifically for the Lower Mainland climate.

Tip #5: Feed Your Lawn

Give your grass a bit of TLC by giving it some lawn feed. This will help provide the lawn with essential nutrients so that it can stay lush and green. Many fertilizers are slow-release, meaning you won’t have to worry about over-fertilization. At BUR-HAN, we have developed our own blend of fertilizers that are uniquely tailored to Vancouver’s wet coastal climate. We apply them at five different times over the year to optimize the health of your lawn.

As we slowly say goodbye to winter, it’s time to get your lawn and garden back into tip-top shape for spring. For more information on post-winter lawn recovery or to get a free quote, contact BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn Care today.

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