Every year as the seasons change, and the winter months slowly start to fade away, we all start to get a sense of excitement as we know that summer is just around the corner. The nights will become shorter, the days will become longer, the flowers will start to bloom and the trees will start to turn green. Everything is finally back to normal, and one could arguable say, perfect. That is, up until the moment you’re enjoying the beautiful weather and all of a sudden you get an unexpected pinch on the back of your arm! Ah yes, the mosquitos are back for yet another round of torture. If you’re like me, you’re probably sick and tired of putting chemicals all over your body in order to avoid these nasty creatures, so here are some other solutions that may help you out this summer.

Six Plants That Repel Mosquitoes

There are certain plants, especially herbs, which have been found to carry specific oils that act as natural mosquito deterrents. Let us examine these a little further to make sure your backyard is mosquito-free this summer!

1. Lemon Balm
This is a perennial plant that is also known as horse mint, and it repels mosquitoes by giving off a strong, incense-like odor, similar to citronella grass. The plant itself is extremely aggressive, fast growing, drought resistant and it reseeds itself effortlessly. A great tip to utilize this plant as mosquito repellent is to put it in a plant container and place it in the areas that you enjoy relaxing during the summer months – it works like a charm.

2. Catnip
As much as cats love catnip, mosquito’s are in fact the opposite – they quite dislike it. The natural oil within the plants leaves has been known and proven to be more effective than “Deet” at getting rid of mosquito’s. If you really want to repel mosquitos while you’re gardening or enjoying the sunshine this summer, then plant catnip in your backyard. Just keep in mind; you may be noticing a few more than normal kitty cats hanging around your place.

3. Basil
Basil is herb that, unlike many of its other family members, emanates a scent without actually having to crush the leaves. Lemon basil and cinnamon basil are the two most common mosquito-repelling types of basil. An interesting tip is to physically rub basil leaves on your skin to let the oils naturally repel any mosquitos from landing or biting you.

4. Lavender
Unlike humans, mosquitos and other insects despise the smell of lavender. It’s incredibly powerful scent sends most bugs heading the other direction in no time. Luckily for us, this is one of the most beautiful plants that exist, so it is usually no trouble at all to embed this into our yards and gardens.

5. Citronella Grass
Many of us are already aware that most natural insect repellents contain citronella oil, which of course is derived from the citronella grass plant. When this oil is burned, the fumes act as a natural mosquito repellent. Purchase citronella candles and place them to your most desirable locations.

6. Marigolds
Lastly, Marigolds are very popular annual flowers that also contain a very distinct, strong scent. Their smell is intolerable to many insects, and even some people. Mosquitos fit in the family of bugs that avoid this flower like the plague, so if you don’t mind them, keep them around as often as you can.

Try using some of these home-made, natural mosquito-repelling remedies next summer so you can enjoy working and relaxing in your backyard – without those troublesome insects giving you those unexpected, nasty pinches!