Gardening space can be a premium for most folk. Whether you own or rent, sometimes your home can have limited outdoor space even if you are an avid gardener. If you are itching to get outside and put your green thumb to good use, there are several ways to maximize your small garden space, even if you live in an apartment or condo.

We have previously posted about the benefits of vertical gardening but there are other ways to maximize your outdoor space. In this great post from Michelle Slatalla on Gardenista, designer Alma Hecht was able to create the feel of a large outdoor space by sub-dividing the garden into different so-called “rooms”.

Subdividing rooms is a great way to make your outdoor space feel larger than it is but what about those of us whose outdoor space is limited to a balcony or apartment patio? Balcony gardening can still provide a fruitful harvest of veggies and add some flora flair to your apartment. Veggie Village’s video series on Balcony Gardening is a great tutorial on getting your vegetables growing in planters. Mix in some decorative plants for effect and you have the makings of your very own outdoor oasis, even if you are 20 stories up in a high-rise apartment building!