Why care for your lawn during Fall? As Fall approaches your lawn will soon be preparing for its long winter sleep. At this time you want to ensure that the grass has all that it needs in order to protect itself from our very variable Winter.

Our Fall Package includes:

  • 1 deep core aeration
  • 1 limestone application
  • 1 moss control spray
  • 1 fall winterizer fertilization

Aeration : Will benefit your lawn in the fall because it reduces soil compaction – improving the air exchange between the soil and the atmosphere. Deep Core Aeration can also help reduce water run off & puddling, improve fertilizer absorption and enhance the breakdown of thatch in your lawn and is recommended to do in both Fall & Spring.

Limestone: Helps balance the pH levels of your soil. Lawns (like any plant life) required soil nutrients to grow. If the soil is too acidic however, those nutrients will clump up and before incredibly difficult for a lawn to access. Due to our wet, west coast climate, lawns tend to be more on the acidic side so a Lime application helps to counteract this acidity.

Moss Control: Our Moss Control Spray is a liquid iron based product that is environmentally friendly and completely safe for kids and pets. Once applied to the total area of your lawn, moss will turn black and then slowly decompose back into the soil (no need to rake it away!) Moss Control is helpful if done in both Spring & Fall (as moss will

always come back each year) but by applying an application in the fall, this will help to reduce the amount that grows back over the cold dark Winter months.

Fall (Winterizer) Fertilization: At BUR-HAN, we have our own blend of lawn fertilizers that are uniquely tailored to Vancouver’s wet climate. The Fall (Winterizer) Fertilization is especially important as it helps to feed your lawn and allow it to store nutrients for over the Winter season. This will ensure your lawn is healthier and not malnourished come Spring.


Healthy green lawns need to be cultivated and we can help you do this through our fall lawn care package – while you enjoy the benefits. Even in a fertile climate as we are privileged to enjoy in Vancouver your lawn still needs regular fertilization to help the grass grow to its full potential.

We have over 20 years experience in creating healthy garden and lawns for homeowners across the Greater Vancouver Area.

All of our programs are designed for results and your budget. Pick a package, follow our cutting & watering recommendations and see results.