The inside of your house isn’t the only part that should look good. Curb appeal defines your home’s first impression. In fact, curb appeal is a dealbreaker for many would-be homeowners and could cost you, potential buyers, when you’re looking to sell.

Curb appeal is important when you’re not ready to sell your home, too. It’s the first part of your home guests notice, so you want it to be attractive and welcoming.

So what can you do to take your home’s curb appeal to the next level? We’re taking a look at a few things you can do to make your home and garden the most beautiful on the block, even before anyone steps indoors.

Tip #1: Prune Your Hedges

Pruning keeps your hedges and trees looking fresh and healthy. Shrubs and plants can become unsightly when they’re overgrown, so pruning is an essential part of great curb appeal.

You should prune your shrubs and hedges according to the season. With spring on the horizon, you’ll want to focus on spring- and summer-blooming shrubs and trees once the weather begins to warm.

To learn more about pruning your hedges, check out our list of the best early spring pruning tips to help your garden look its best.

Tip #2: Keep It Simple

Who doesn’t love a well-kept, lush garden? Most everyone does, but they’re much harder to maintain than you might think.

Keep your lawn and garden simple, without sacrificing curb appeal. Choose low maintenance plants and shrubs that won’t require much upkeep, and use trees for year-long foliage.

Tip #3: Make a Plan

Before you dig the first hole or purchase the first plant, make sure you have a solid design plan for your lawn and garden.

Don’t wander your local nursery picking up every plant that catches your eye, but rather go with a list of plants you think may work with your design. Keep each plant’s sunlight and water needs in mind, as failure to plan around a plant’s need could result in poor health and even death.

Planning and designing your garden is crucial. For professional guidance and advice, contact us at BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn Care.

Tip #4: Hide Unsightly Views

Maybe your neighbor’s home doesn’t add to your garden’s view. Or maybe they have an old fence you wish you didn’t have to see.

Whatever the case, almost all of us have unsightly views in our front or back yards. Fortunately, with clever design choices, we can cover up most eyesores with carefully-placed trees and shrubs.

Tip #5: Clear Out Any Weeds

Weeds can make an otherwise beautiful lawn appear dry and dead. Removing weeds isn’t fun, but it’s a necessary process if you want your lawn and garden to look healthy and lush.

Tip #6: Clean Up Your Entryway

Over time, grass and weeds can grow into your entryway or sidewalk, causing unsightly damage. Damaged and overgrown entryways aren’t welcoming and can become a hazard if left unfixed for too long.

Remove any weeds from your entryway as soon as you see them. Keep the grass to the sides of your sidewalk trimmed and pushed away from the path itself. You might also consider decorating your path with pots or lights along the sides in order to make it more appealing to guests or potential homebuyers.

Tip #7: Add Splashes of Colour

Colorful flowers can be a great addition to your home’s curb appeal. Many types of annual and perennial flowers bloom throughout the year, adding beauty to your home for months on end.

Select colorful flowers that fit into your design, without overdoing it. The right amount of color can add to your garden without taking away from the other features.

Tip #8: Add Lighting Fixtures

Outdoor lighting can really spruce up your home’s curb appeal, and they serve a functional purpose as well. Most “landscape lighting systems are very affordable, easy to install, and easy to maintain.” a tip given by Iris Furnishing. Outdoor lighting increases security by discouraging potential intruders. The beauty of your garden and home can be dramatically enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with dramatic lighting techniques.

With spring on the horizon, now is the best time to start planning your landscape for this upcoming year. To learn more about curb appeal, or to receive a free quote, contact the BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn Care team today. We offer professional landscaping services, and we’d love to help you with your next gardening project.

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