We coined the phrase smartscaping ® to help both our residential clients and commercial clients.   When it comes to landscaping needs, you want to plant items you enjoy looking at but sometimes, you may forget to maintain them or do not have the time to add something different when something is no longer in season.    For commercial and industrial spaces aka “concrete jungles” to soften a space we have to find plants the work for the space but also for our clients.    Here is something our commercial team did last week for one of our properties.    

What we can learn from this is:

1.  Consider using planters and plants that last the entire season and through the Fall.  Heather is great especially for sunny and hot spots on your property.   It’s a resilient  plant.   Figure out what areas are shading and what areas or not and plant according to where the sun hits. 

2. Using a palm or taller plant in a tall container draws creates a beautiful focal point and adds interest to the space.

3. The art of containers:  Dark containers that are black or charcoal brown ground the look of the space and brings attention to the flowers and plants in the planters.  Some planters are great looking in wet weather or dry weather as seen in this image.   The trendy blue pots are back in season as it has a cooling effect on properties.     If you visit a retail locations, there are lots of black planters as black serves as a great accent and conveys style and elegance to a space.    Black is outlines a space but also changes the mood of a space.   You may also see indoor spaces using white planter boxes or containers as it brightens up a space.

4.   What you don’t see is the drainage set up so that watering is done will to retain enough water throughout the day while not causing plants to rot.    This month, we will have some soil eduction for you that will help you understand a bit more about that.   For now, start looking for great pots and planters and items for your front door, backdoor, or decks.