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Many people today are making over their yards. They look out and see old bushes and overgrown pathways and know that it is time to freshen it up. However, where should you start? Since there are many different ideas to freshen up your yard, start out with something simple. Have you considered using paving stones for that overgrown walkway? The project is so simple and easy to do; you can accomplish it in one weekend.

Here are a few tips and tricks that will help if you decide to use the paved stone technique.

Tips and Tricks

First, know your yard. If you decide to do paving stones, you will need to thoroughly do your yard and the overall look that you want to achieve. For example, see where you want your path of the pave stones to go and consider bushes, trees.

If you have this overall idea, you can know precisely where the road is headed and avoid roots and small trees that could be problematic in the future. Then you will want to grab inspiration and run with it. If you know where your path is going to lay, you will need to consider what hot spots the track will glide down on. You can use the flowerbeds and small hills as inspiration to where your paving stones will fall.

Do you want to accent the water fountain at the back of the yard?

If so, use that as inspiration to have your path follow. If you do not have an idea where to start, you can always look online for images of different yards or even magazines that can give you additional inspiration that you can map out your yard.

Next, pick out a great stone. You will now want to consider what type of rock you want to use. Since there are so many to choose from, pick one that will only enhance the overall look of the yard. If you have a light brown privacy fence, then you might want to consider a natural stone look like river rock. Other ideas are brick stone or pavers.

Stone pavers are cast from already human-made bricks and can give you that natural look you want. Since there are a variety of colors, picking one that will enhance your yard will enrich the overall look you will achieve. 

After you have gotten your inspiration, picked out your stones, and have an idea of the overall look, you will then want to design a picture. Therefore, you can see it in raw form. If you draw out an image, you can always adjust different ideas until you get the desired look. Since drawing a picture is not set in stone, it makes it easier to change things.

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In conclusion

Creating a stone paved pathway is simple. You can even use pavers to create a new deck or an area of relaxation. Using paver will keep your feet more relaxed during the hot parts of the day, unlike wood decks that can potentially burn you.

Once you get all of your ideas down on paper and you have picked out your stone, make sure you were looking into how to install them correctly, or you can have a professional at Bur-Han Garden & Lawn Care do it for you. Either way, your ideas will flourish, and you will be happy with the decision to use stone pavers for an opinion on your yard. 

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