Gardens come in all shapes and sizes. Soil type, climate, rainfall, maintenance and a variety of other factors contribute to what types of fauna can flourish in your lawn and garden. Knowing what sorts of native plants to plant is also important as they can improve soil health and will already flourish since they are native to the climate and landscape of your garden.

With all these factors in mind, the experts at HowStuffWorks answered some commonly asked gardening questions.

They cover different types of questions, from the proper winterization of your outdoor plants, to growing flowers in shaded areas, help with planting annuals, and preparing your lawn and garden for different growing seasons.

Although Vancouver gardens have the benefit of healthy rainfalls during most of the year, this list of commonly asked questions can give you some helpful tips on preparing your lawn and gardens for the colder fall and winter seasons. And even if you don’t have a gardening question to ask, there may be a nugget of knowledge here to help you out.

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