Mossy Lawns: What To Do?

Moss can be a pain for homeowners in wet climates and on shady properties. Especially at cold, damp times of year like the end of the fall and the beginning of the spring, moss can take over a lawn and choke out grass., which can make it harder for you to remove moss from your property.

Increase Sunlight and Improve Drainage

One of the most important things that you can do to decrease the growth of moss on your lawn is to make the environment inhospitable for moss. Moss prefers to grow in moist, cool, shady environments. To create an inhospitable environment for moss, you’ll need to make your lawn as sunny and dry as possible.

  • Cut back your trees and thin the branches to allow more sunlight to shine down onto your property.
  • Remove all yard waste from the premises.
  • Prune your shrubs and get rid of excess growth and branches.
  • Install a bioswale. To do this, dig a long ditch that runs along your yard, then plant water-loving vegetation at the bottom of the ditch. The water-loving vegetation will drink the water, and the ditch will carry the water away from your lawn.

Improve the Health of Your Grass

Moss tends to take over in locations where grass is unhealthy. You can prevent moss from getting a foothold on your property by keeping your grass healthy.

Fertilize your lawn with nitrogen in the fall. Fertilizing your lawn in the fall about two weeks after the last grass trimming takes place. This will ensure that the grass roots grow strong and deep for next year’s planting.
Avoid cutting your grass too severely. Cutting grass too low stresses the plants and invites disease. Never cut more than one third of the lawn when you mow the grass.
Water at the right times. Water your plants during the day, or in the very early morning when the sun is rising over the landscape. Never water your grass at night, especially if your climate is humid and moist.
Avoid cutting your grass with dull blades. If your mower’s blades are dull, the blades will tear the grass and make it easier for disease to infiltrate the plant.

Use Moss Control

There are a variety of moss control products that can help with moss removal. These products work their best when used in tandem with other moss control measures, like the ones described above. If you’re trying to remove moss from your property, use moss control products according to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the above guidelines to grow healthy grass, improve drainage and increase sunlight exposure on your property. For more information, contact Bur-Han Garden and Lawn Care.