There’s a reason why so many of us hibernate during winter – it just feels so natural to do so. We get home from a long day at work, cozy up and then the next thing we know, we’re fast asleep. It’s entirely reasonable, but we’re doing ourselves a disservice when we don’t get out to experience what the snow and chilly weather can bring. Our team at Bur-Han has put together some easy ways to shake it up! These may seem like basic suggestions, but trust us, you’ll need a healthy dose of the power of suggestion during these months.

Take a Walk

It’s basic, but you can always do it. Even in extreme snows, you can find a way to take a little stroll, if only for a few minutes. Being outside with the snow is the perfect way to make your peace with it. The blanketing of the world in fine white powder is beautiful, and the perfect reminder that it’s not there to make your life miserable with extra shoveling and slippery roads.

Visit a Park

A little more effort, but it will be well worth it. When it’s chilly, you can warm up and get your blood pumping with a brisk run. When you find a good park, you not only get to explore different trails, but you’ll have a chance to see other people outside enjoying nature. This can often be a more motivating factor than we know. So put on your sneakers for a rewarding, if challenging, experience.

Ice Skating 

There are definitely still places where you can skate outside, and even if its not the fantasy of a Dickens-like pond in the middle of a meadow like you pictured, it’s still a beautiful way to enjoy the fun parts of winter. Skating lets you experience the freedom of gliding and when you stop to take a break for confession-stand fare, you’ll wonder why all food doesn’t taste this good.

The Secret Garden 

Of course one of our favorite things to do during the winter is to spend time in the garden. A common fabled tale about the power of growth, both in people and in plants, is it sends a powerful message that there’s still life all around us even in the dead of winter. Learn more about winter-friendly plants and what the earth is doing when the sun goes to sleep so early. It’s regenerating so that it can return to you when you’re ready for it.


Simple, free and fun, this one is a classic for a reason. Watch your kids teeth chatter as they get up the courage to take the steeper runs. Laugh when they kick up tons of snow at the end, and then hop back in the car to get the feeling back in your hands.

Here at Bur-Han, we specialize in lawns and gardens, no matter what season it is. We appreciate everything that can be seen in nature. It connects us all in deeper ways when we take the time to pay it the attention it deserves. Think of us and contact our team if you have questions or need services done on your land at any time of the year.