Paver walkways bring character and definition to your garden, landscape, backyard path or entrance area. You have a wide range of different pavers that you can choose from, and installing these is not hard especially when you follow the right steps. But when it comes to installing pavers on a sloppy path, it poses a bit of a challenge. Here is the guide to get you started.

paving stone installation being done by Bur-Han

Step 1 – Choose the location of the Walkway’s

Before you embark on working in the plant area, you need to choose where you want the pathway to be situated. Use a landscaping paint to mark your walkway outline, and select the area that is least sloped. The project is going to be easier depending on the level of your area.

Step 2- Prepare the Ground

After marking the ground with the landscape painting, preparation can be done for the pavers. Cut the sods and ensure you leave the sods in lengths for the natural roll up and transportation to other places. Remove roots, rocks and any obstacle that may cause the problem to the sod once it’s up. Rake the ground to facilitate its smoothness. This will be final preparation of the ground. Don’t forget this point of the step as it reminds you to do away with holes left on the ground

Step 3- Install a border

Landscape border should be of your preference and choice. When edging your lawn, small plastic borders are perfect because they define the spacing and provide you with a reference point. Install the border in the area that is cut out. Drive in the stakes.

driveway pavers being installed by Bur-Han

Step 4-Have crushed rock spread over the ground.

At this step, the soil remains prepared giving room for the spreading out of crushed rocks in layers onto the ground which is made 2 inches deep. For smoothening and softening will have to use a rake and then run it over with a compactor to make the surface stable and compact for laying the pavers.

Step 5- Time to Install Your Pavers

Here you start from the base of the walkway by laying out pavers. Begin this in the epicenter of the walkway and then get in working out the sides. Use a chisel to mark them if at all you want to cut pavers. Do the installation up to the completion of the walkway.

Step 6- Spread sand over the pavers

Concrete sand is good when cementing the pavers. It’s done by spreading the sand above the bricks. Into the cracks and gaps widespread the sand then confirm the level by using compactor.

cement paving stones

Step 7- Wash the excess dirt away

In your final step pull the trigger of your hose and spring it on the walkway. Spraying helps in removing dirt remaining on the walkways.

– This post was courtesy of the Bur-Han Vancouver Paving Stones Experts