Lawn care companies offer a variety of packages and services, some annual, some seasonal. Seasonal packages for fall include removing leaves and debris from your yard before winter, and aerating the soil to allow maximum absorption of water and nutrients. Spring packages typically involve more heavy-duty aerating, fertilization, lime, and moss spray to restore lost nutrients from the winter, and prepare the lawn for the heat of the summer.

More specifically, these packages will include mowing, fertilization, trimming, weeding, aerating, pest control, shrub and small tree maintenance, wetting, moss spray, and lime application. Understand the treatments and why you need them by asking your lawn care expert. Many companies will give you quotes after inspecting the lawn.

What Kinds of Services Can I Expect?

  • Save time: One of the most common reasons people do not take care of their lawn is because they do not have time. Let a lawn care company take care of the hassle while you’re at work, running errands, out with family, or heading out to Coal Harbor for a lovely day trip.
  • Get premium treatments: Residential lawn care companies often have the highest quality lawn care products. Organic fertilizer and premium products such as Dolopril lime are less harsh on your lawn.
  • Invest in expertise: Not everyone is a lawn care expert. But a trusted residential lawn care company will go the distance to inspect your lawn, determine its needs, and provide you with their expert advice. A company that cares might check your soil to see what fertilization dose you need, or what kind of pests are living in your turf.
  • Save money on expensive equipment: Lawn care equipment such as trimmers, mowers, leaf-blowers, and cultivators can be expensive, costing hundreds, even thousands of dollars. A residential lawn care company will save you the hassle of buying and storing large equipment.
  • Develop a lasting, professional relationship: Once you find a lawn care company you like, chances are you’ll never go back. Having a trusted company to handle your annual lawn care needs will save you stress, and will be a go-to service you can rely on.
  • Maintain a healthy, beautiful lawn: Last but not least, the purpose of lawn care is to have an aesthetically pleasing, healthy lawn! First impressions are everything, and having a well-maintained lawn shows thorough care.

Explore Your Options Today

Vancouver’s oceanic climate often produces wet, rainy seasons during the fall, winter, and spring. A residential lawn care company understands the importance of aerating the soil to avoid puddling, and prepares your lawn for the hotter, dryer summer months.

Explore your lawn care options today by getting recommendations from friends and family who have used a successful service. Seek out a company that that uses premium treatment products, offers a variety of packages, and keeps your lawn’s best interest in mind.