New Year’s Resolutions for Your Lawn

It’s that time of year again. The egg nog’s vanished from the grocery store, tree ornaments are back in boxes and even New Year’s Eve’s excesses have faded into the cold practicalities of another January. You’re undaunted, maybe even a bit empowered and you may have even made a brief foray to the local gym. Pat yourself on the back! But all that aside – how’s your lawn?
It might be tempting to curl up by the fire and escape into that gardening book your great-aunt got you for Christmas but don’t let the weather fool you! Now is the time to give your green space a little love, too…

Mower Maintenance

Tis the season to only walk on your lawn when it’s absolutely necessary. Chances are, it’s had to deal with everything from snowy to soggy to rock-hard frosts. Don’t add your gardening boots to the equation unless you absolutely have to. A good strategy is starting with mower maintenance first. Take that bad-boy in for a well-deserved cleaning, sharpening and oiling.

Winter Mowing

If you’re lucky enough to find a rare day when your lawn isn’t frozen or waterlogged, tip-toe onto the turf and get rid of the leaves with a light rake or a leaf blower – Heavier debris like pine cones and twigs should be removed by hand. Still not raining or snowing? Grab your tuned-up mower and give that dormant warm-season lawn a good going over. This will groom it while also removing smaller leaves and pine needles. Keep your eyes open for actively growing broadleaf weeds as well and be sure to apply post-emergence spray where necessary.

Say No to Salt

If you’re still dealing with frigid conditions, avoid the urge to salt your garden paths and driveway. Sodium is damaging to surrounding plants and doesn’t do your hibernating grass any favours, either. Instead, consider an alternative such as sand, sawdust or organic kitty litter.

Lawn Care

Presuming that you managed to hit the optimum seeding window of August to October, you’ll have seedlings that managed to establish and germinate before the cold weather rolled in. If you’re experiencing a particularly dry winter, watering is permissible but watch the volume! A deep, infrequent regimen is fine, providing the root systems have developed and you’re certain that the seeds aren’t stressed. And don’t forget to look after yourself as well! Busy gardeners are often lonely gardeners. Join a gardening club or start a green-thumb blog, already! Looking for extra tips and guidance? Contact us today!