Summer means outdoor celebrations, and you want your garden looking great for your backyard party guests. Whether you’re hosting a graduation party, a barbecue, or a wedding reception, we’ve put together a list of everything you should know about beautifying your garden.

Fix Up Your Lawn

Is anything more beautiful than a healthy, green lawn? Unfortunately, the summer heat can lead to unsightly patches of brown and yellow grass. Your guests will notice the condition of your lawn, so it’s important that it appear healthy, lush, and green.

To achieve a beautiful, lush lawn:

  • Fertilize. Fertilizing gives your grass the nutrition it needs to grow and thrive. To learn more about fertilizing, check out our Fertilizing 101 Guide.
  • Mow properly. If you cut your grass too short, it’s more likely to appear patchy and yellow. Instead, wait a few days longer than normal to cut your grass – this will make it lush and healthy.
  • Water regularly. Water your grass regularly, preferably early in the morning. Watering early allows the grass to absorb most of the water before the mid-day sun causes it to evaporate.

Prune Your Shrubs

Pruning can go overlooked, depending on how quickly your bushes grow. Those cute, globe shrubs you planted two years ago will eventually outgrow their shape, and they’ll need to be fixed by pruning.

Pruning isn’t as difficult as it seems, but it does require great care and attention. Poor pruning can harm your plants, so make sure you understand when to prune your shrubs, and how often. Don’t prune your shrubs too short, or they may appear unhealthy – instead, only trim off unsightly, overgrown branches. This will help you re-shape your shrubs without causing any damage.

The best time to prune your shrubs will depend on their variety. There are two main types of pruning:

  • Renewal Pruning: Renewal pruning is best for early-blooming plants. You should prune early-blooming plants early in the summer – preferably before the end of June, right after they’ve bloomed.
  • Rejuvenation Pruning: Late-blooming plants prefer rejuvenation pruning. This can be done during any time of the year, but it’s most effective during the middle of summer.

Use Potted Plants for Decoration

Potted plants give a beautiful, classic look to your garden – they can be used to add a splash of color anywhere you’d like. Your guests will loves the appearance of potted plants, so choose varieties that complement the rest of your yard.

Some plants and flowers perform better in containers than others. Annuals are an excellent choice – they’re usually very bright in color, and they thrive in the right potting conditions. Use the proper soil for your potted plants, and make sure they’re in a location where the plants will achieve an appropriate amount of light.

At Bur-Han, we want your next outdoor party to be a success. If you need help getting your lawn and garden ready for the big day, contact us for a free quote. We specialize in lawn care, gardening, and pruning, and we would love to help you with your next outdoor project.