Fall can arguably be claimed to be the most beautiful seasons of them all. The vibrant orange and yellow colors, the effortlessly falling leaves, the crunching sounds of children jumping in piles of shrubberies, can all make this season one to be longed for each and every year. Although the colors and the excess amount of leaves can be breathtaking to look at, they may not necessarily be the best for the overall look, feel and health of your lawn. In order to properly take care and prepare your lawn for the winter months, fall is a crucial time for lawn care and preparation. That is why we have put together four different tips that you should consider for your lawn this fall!

1. Leaf Removal

As mentioned above, all of the fallen leaves are very appealing to the eye; however, they are truly not good for the overall health of your lawn. The abundance of leaves blocks the sunlight from being able to reach your grass, which in turn, eliminates the photosynthesis process. Photosynthesis is what keeps your grass full of nutrients and energy, and allows it to be able to reproduce and stay alive. When your grass is covered in an excess amount and leaves, it is not able to breath, and we all know what happens when living things cannot breath- they die. So keep your lawn alive, strong and healthy this fall and remove those leaves! In order to save you time and save your back, contact us today for a free estimate on our lawn raking services!

2. Lawn Aeration:

We recommend that you do core lawn aeration once a year, and a great time do have this done is in the fall! Core lawn aeration is the process of pulling up little dirt plugs out of your lawn to relieve pressure that has been built up over time. If your lawn is compacted, it is difficult for water, air and nutrients to enter into the soil. So having your lawn aerated will improve this pressure, improve fertilizer uptake, reduce water runoff, strengthen roots, enhance heat and drought tolerance and overall take a much damaged lawn and rejuvenate it very quickly. For more information on Lawn and Core Aeration take a look here!

3. Reseeding:

Fall is a great time of the year to reseed your lawn, preferably right after lawn aeration! This process will give your lawn a head start by reseeding in the fall as oppose to the spring time. Reseeding will add more grass plants to your current lawn and in turn, old plant’s production rates will drop. This procedure alone will drastically increase the overall look, feel, and thickness of your lawn! Reseed with Bur-Han this fall for deeper root development!

4. Fertilization:

The fall is an ideal time to fertilize your lawn, however, many experts recommend fertilizing once a season as well. The fall temperatures make up an ideal condition for lawn feeding, as the amount of sunlight is just right! Fertilizing your lawn in the fall will provide it with the proper nutrients is needs in order to be strong, healthy and green. Make sure that before you fertilize, however, that your test your soil’s PH level and choose a fertilizer that balances out the acidity or alkalinity of your lawn. Be sure to use care with fertilizer and properly clean up all remains that are left over. We offer a few different fertilization packages to make sure your lawn is properly fertilized during this fall season!