Proper lawn care and maintenance varies with the changing seasons. Summer can require more watering while Fall weather can require more pH balance for your lawn.  Just like people, each lawn is unique, starting from the type of grass growing in your lawn, to the soil mixture, to the mix of plants and flowers that accent your garden.

With the fall season upon us in the Vancouver area and cooler temperatures settling in, you might be wondering how to get your lawn and garden ready for these changes. The expert lawn care team at Bur-Han has put together some handy tips fall lawn care tips. Whether you live in a wetter climate like Vancouver or have more extreme seasonal changes in your city, these universal fall lawn care tips can help you keep your lawn looking great year-round.

Know Your Grass Type

Depending on the season, different types of grasses grow in your lawn. Cool-season turf grasses like rye grass and Kentucky blue grass do well in cooler temperatures whole buffalo grass and zoysia grass do well in warmer climates. Learning which types grow in your lawn can help you determine the right watering techniques, fertilizer to use, and what the proper pH balance should be for your lawn.

Mowing Your Lawn in the Fall

While your grass might not be growing as quickly as it did in the warmer months, mowing your lawn in the fall is still important. Adjusting the lawn mower height depends on what kind of grasses you have. You can also consider using a mulching lawn mower or asking your landscape company to use one.

For more great fall lawn care tips, be sure to check out David Beaulieu’s article for more tips on pH balance for your lawn, mowing tips, and information on which grasses to plant.