It is fall in Vancouver and we are still holding onto thoughts of summer but for your gardens it is time to be doing some spring thinking.  Right now is the time to planting bulbs in your garden.  Nursery’s still having a good selection of bulbs to choose from and some easy ones are tulips and daffodils.  Anyone can have a beautiful spring display of flowers!  Daffodils like full sun or light shade and reasonably fertile soil.  Most gardens are suitable for growing Daffodils.  There are many species and you can mix them or plant all the same.  In general Daffodils are planted about 8 inches from the surface.  If you are planting a lot of bulbs it may be quicker to dig out the whole area and place your bulbs in the space leaving about two finger widths between each bulb.  If you are only planting a few a “ bulb tool” may be your best bet.  The short of it is don’t get to complicated, use what you have bulbs are cheap and provide years of recurring pleasure.  Tulips can follow the same rules but plant them only 5 inches down.We have just planted several large displays in North Vancouver and Richmond and are looking forward those sunny spring days.  .  Have fun and don’t be afraid to garden!