You’ve heard about the importance of making a good first impression when meeting people for the first time. The same is true for the front entrance to an apartment or condo. Simple upgrades and plantings can make the entrance spell out “welcome home” to buyers and renters.

Studies show that viewing decisions happen in 60 seconds based on curb appeal. Curb appeal draws renters and buyers to your building and separates you from your competition.

Capturing a homebuyer’s or renter’s attention is a fast-moving game. It’s a fact that properties become less saleable and rentable as time goes by.

Whether you have a new project or an existing property with landscape elements in place, this blog can provide tips on how to maximize the value.

Landscaping, lawns, container pots and flowers create can increase your property’s value by up to 15%. Bottom line: exteriors count.

If you study the methods used by luxury hotels, resorts and residents, each area is “staged” for maximum effect: signage near gates and streets; parking areas; driveways; steps or paths leading to the entrance, and the entrance area itself.

So how do you achieve the same effect?

How to get started

Start by taking inventory. Whether your property is a new project or a resale, look at it objectively from the eyes of a first-time visitor looking to rent or by.

  1. Look at the drive-by view. Is it neat and tidy? Healthy? Trendy? Do the colours create a drab effect or add appeal?
  2. Check out what drivers see when they pull up and park. Parking areas can be a bleak stretch of asphalt with eye sores. But you can soften hard edges and block out neighbouring properties by planting ornamental grasses, hedges, and trees.
  3. Look at the pedestrian view walking up to the entrance. Analyze entrance paths and steps. Are there eye-sores? Is your landscaping thriving or wilting?
  4. Finally, consider the area immediately outside entrance doors.

Make a list of the problem areas you find. Tackle clean up and repair chores first, then put some time into projects that make the grounds more attractive.

  • Remove fallen leaves, debris, and weeds.
  • Dead-head, trim and prune bushes, shrubs.
  • Get garden beds in shape by pulling weeds and adding mulch and fertilizers.

Book Ahead

Book ahead for Bur-Han’s commercial grounds maintenance services which covers your lawns, trees, shrubs and hedges. Tackle lawn issues by scheduling core aeration, moss control, and fertilization before the busy months: March and April.

Early spring is the time of year when existing landscaping elements can bear the signs of winter wear. Soils become hard-packed, shrubs and plants appear brown, withered, yellowed or unsightly. Lawns become mossy, thatch, pecked and uneven. Weeds grow between concrete and bricks.

Add Value with Enhancements

Any entranceway can benefit from extra attention:

  • Grow vertical for impact. Tall topiaries, ornamental grasses and shade-loving plants provide eye candy that is low maintenance. Plant evergreen shrubs and hedges to add height and texture to the yard.
  • Go coastal. Simply by adding ornamental grasses and pebbles, you can create a beach vibe.
  • Go big and bold. When it comes to containers to dress up porches or entryways, the bigger the better.
  • Light up. Solar lights are ideal for up to 5 hours of glow during the evening.
  • Go native. Choose plants and flowers that are native to your region. Native species are more likely to survive and typically require less maintenance.
  • Add splashes of colour. You can start in February with early bulbs and pussy willows, followed by tulips and other spring flowers come March. In the spring and summer, hang flowering baskets along perimeters. Add a new planting bed to frame your property rather than obscure it. Plant climbing vines that flower in spring and summer.

Use color to set the mood. Yellow has a strong impact to buyers. Black and lime are the “in” colours of 2012. Whatever colour you choose, you can dispel the gloom of bleak rainy and grey periods and create reminders of sunny days ahead.]

Quality entrance landscaping is an investment but it can significantly improve your property’s appearance by adding warmth, curb appeal and personality.