Looks are everything when it comes to the appearance of your commercial property. An inviting, well-kept perimeter enhances the quality of your business and services, because it shows you care. It’s safe to say that all commercial properties, from the small business storefront to the towering corporate building, will have a more professional appearance with proper landscape maintenance. What other crucial reasons might you want to hire a commercial landscape maintenance company?

  • Create a lasting first impression with landscape aesthetics
  • Avoid the hassle of landscaping yourself
  • Avoid purchasing expensive landscaping equipment you might not know how to use
  • Add to the value of your property with well-maintained grounds
  • Reflect seasonal changes through landscape updates
  • Optimize the health of your turf with professional input
  • Go green by installing an irrigation system
  • Have a professional eye observe the needs of your property

Surely, a professional landscaping company will save you time and hassle in the long run, allowing you to tend to your business, your employees, and your daily tasks. You can sit tight and know that your grounds are being taken care of in an efficient manner while you tend to your priorities.

What are the first steps?

You’ve decided to hire a commercial landscaping maintenance company, but aren’t sure what the next steps are. Before setting out to hire a professional team, you will need to evaluate your landscaping needs and expectations. Take a look at your property to determine a plan you can then present to a landscaping company for a bid. Your bid package should include the following list of pertinent details and needs:

  • An overall time frame. When do you need to start landscaping? And for how long?
  • A plot map of your property boundaries and territories
  • Trimming, raking, mowing, weeding, and mulching needs
  • Fertilization
  • Planting new shrubs, flowers, trees, etc.
  • Removal of unwanted shrubs
  • Seasonal cleanup and updates

Once you’ve identified what you need done to your property, finalize your package to be sent to prospective landscape companies. You should always include your contact information and a request for references. Last but not least, include an urgent deadline for your bid, so companies understand when you need a response.

If you need commercial landscape work done in the spring, it is advised to start sending your bids in the fall, no later than October. Why? Choosing the right company takes time, and landscaping companies’ busiest months are from March to April. Instead of scrambling last minute, understand that selecting a landscaping company takes time and thorough research.

How do I choose a Commercial Landscaping Company?

After finalizing your commercial landscaping needs, do a little investigative research for local landscaping companies. Visit properties that company has maintained for a visual presentation of their work. Most importantly, make sure you choose a landscaping company who cares about their employees, and cares about you.

Beyond references, note how the landscaping maintenance company you are interested in deals with your inquiries. A company that genuinely cares about you will seek to improve and enhance the quality of their service. They will do a walk through of your property with you, ask questions, offer expert advice and opinions, and swiftly communicate throughout the process. A professional commercial landscaping company will uphold the best standards not only for themselves, but for you as their client.