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Paving stone adds a decorative element to any walkway, patio, and driveway. Apart from giving your home an inviting look, it is also used to bring value to your home. If you want to make sure that it is always in excellent condition, you need to know how to clean and seal it properly. Stains and a lot of foot traffic contribute to making your pavers look old and worn. However, with the right cleaning and sealing strategy, your pavers will remain fantastic.

Cleaning Paving Stone

Cleaning involves removing any excess dust and stubborn stains. And this lawn care method should be done regularly to prevent dirt from sticking in the stones. Here is a step by step guide to cleaning tour pavers.

1. Use a garden hose with a spray to remove grime and wash away any weed seeds. However, sticky dirt and stubborn stains may require you to use a pressure washer. The good thing is that you do not need to use detergent on interlocked pavers when using the pressure washer but, be mindful not to set the pressure too high and not to steam in one location for too long as this can damage your pavers.lawn care service right here

2. Sand will remove when using a pressure washer. Therefore, the next step would be to sweep the pavers using a broom to replace the sand. You can decide to use a detergent or not. Some cleansers tend to discolor the pavers, ensure that you test it in the corners. Use a brush or a broom to apply the cleaner and allow it to some minutes to settle.

3. Rinse the area. After the cleaning and scrubbing, rinse the detergent with clean water until it’s gone. You can use a garden hose or a power washer. Clean your pavers once a month and ensure that you follow manufacturer’s instructions when using paving stone shampoos and cleaners.

Sealing Paving Stone

After cleaning you should allow the pavers sometime to dry before sealing. Sealing your pavers will protect them against spills and salt damage as well as wear and tear. Check the weather forecast before sealing as the sealer needs time to dry.

Choosing Your Sealer

The type of sealer used depends on the paving stones you have since every product is different. Sealers range from Saline to Sodium to Acrylic Lauer.

Applying Your Sealer

If your pavers need a pre-seal, you will wait for 24 hours before applying your sealant. Apply the sealer with a roller to allow consistency in thickness. Follow the manufacturer’s instruction on the method to use for the application. Apply the first coat and wait for 24hrs for the second coat. You should seal your pavers after 1-4 years.

Maintaining the pavers is an excellent landscaping strategy that will give them a long shelf life. Visit Bur-Han Garden & Lawn Care if you have any questions on taking care of paver stones.

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