Vertical Gardening is a great way to optimize your gardening and outdoor space. If you live in an apartment building or just have a small yard but are still itching to stretch your green thumb, vertical gardening is a great way to keep a home garden growing.

Creating your own vertical garden space is also a fun way to customize what size garden you would like to start with. Choose a wall, select your style 9we like the ladder-back style), and then choose your plants.

Choose from a trellis for plants like roses or vines, a grow bag which are great for apartment balconies, or even a stake which can get planted in any garden. One of the most unique ways you can get your vertical garden started is by setting up a living art frame. These are real frames that have pockets of soil in them and can actually hang on your wall with small plants growing in them. If you love succulents, you can group them together in a living art frame!

For even more tips and some helpful guidelines on getting your vertical garden blooming this year, check out this handy infographic from Nerd Graphics:


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