These days, smart phones and tablets have apps for every type of helpful advice. From cooking, to sleep cycles, to gardening, apps now feature a wide range of options to help users with their everyday lives. As we head into the fall season, transitioning your garden, lawn, and indoor plants to colder temperatures takes some extra help. If you do not have a natural green thumb then a gardening app could be your new best friend.

With so many gardening apps available to download, it can be hard to choose the right one for your needs. Do you require more lawn maintenance help? Do you have a lot of different indoor plants? Do live in a moderately warm climate all year round? These are just some of the questions that gardening apps can help you answer. As an added bonus some also offer advice on pesticides, the best seasons for growing certain plants and flowers, and even a pest identifier.

Apps like Garden Compass are great for gardeners who need help with a lot of the basics. It’s great for advice from gardening experts, DIY guides, and some cool gardening décor to help you get that dream garden you’ve always wanted. Garden Time Planner is great for folks who are looking to grow a garden year-round. Want to figure out when to grow tomatoes? How about beets? Maybe some herbs? This app tells you when and how to get started. And last but not least for those aspiring landscape designers out there, an app like iScape can help you get a visual for your garden’s design.

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