Whether you’re a snowbird who spends the winter in a sun-soaked locale, or someone who embraces the first chilly signs of winter, there are still ways to enjoy the beauty of a container garden all year long.

Check out the list below for some great ideas for evergreens, flowering plants, and herbs that can survive in even the harshest conditions.


  • Yucca: These sword-like evergreen plants are extremely versatile and can grow easily indoors or outdoors. They look great in a container when combined with many different plants; just keep it somewhere where the sharp points on the leaves won’t poke someone!
  • Boxwoods: These evergreens preserve a consistent look throughout the year, and they can tolerate long periods with little water. This may be one of the easiest plants to keep in a container, and it will provide a burst of green foliage no matter the month.

Flowering Plants

  • Roses: Patio roses have lengthy blooming periods, and they will provide unparalleled beauty during their peak season. With so many different colorful varieties available, you can mix and match your rose bushes with almost anything.
  • Gardenias: The elegant gardenia responds very well to growing indoors, where the relatively constant temperature and humidity protect the plant from extreme swings in conditions. Make sure you have a spot that gets significant sunlight, and keep the delicate flowers away from heaters in the winter.
  • Winter flowering heather: The stunning color and extensive blooming period of the winter flowering heather can brighten up the most drab winter garden. There are spreading and upright varieties, so be sure to pick out an upright specimen if you plan to keep it in a container.
  • Aster: Protect the aster from serious winter conditions by cutting it down significantly. This will allow it to rebound quickly come springtime, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful violet flowers for months afterwards!
  • Red twig dogwood: The red twig dogwood can add significant bulk to your container while also delivering beautiful red color all winter long. Its ability to withstand cold temperatures means that the red twig dogwood can thrive in a wide variety of locations.


  • Rosemary: This fragrant herb is one of the hardiest herbs there is. Whether facing drought, cold, extreme heat, or blinding sun, it takes on all conditions in stride! You’ll have a steady supply of this earthy herb to add to your meals all year long.
  • Mint: This aromatic weed is perfectly suited to growing indoors. Abundant sunshine during the day is ideal, and you’ll want to avoid over-watering.
  • Parsley: Great for garnish, parsley is an extremely versatile herb that also grows best with plentiful sunshine during the day, so you can keep it next to your mint pot. It needs to be kept moist but not very wet, and watch closely for insect infestations.