About Rod Olson

Rod lived and worked Vancouver, BC for 4 years. Currently, he runs his own urban farming business "Leaf & Lyre Urban Farms" that uses the SPIN Farming (Small Plot Intensive) model to maximize land use for food production in the urban setting. He knows farming, gardening, and landscaping.

Why Moss Removal?

Someone on Facebook asked a question "What's so bad about moss?" According to one of our Bur-Han ex [...]

Why Moss Removal?2021-04-26T11:44:59-07:00

Top 10 Things to Do in Your Yard

  If you missed it in the Fall, you’ll need to clean-up last year’s growing season.** Decide what se [...]

Top 10 Things to Do in Your Yard2017-03-06T18:37:49-08:00