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Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver is one of the most beautiful beaches in the area. It is an incredible place for family fun and can provide hours of entertainment for adults and little ones alike. Families visiting Ambleside Beach can be seen carrying buckets and shovels, kites, soccer balls, skateboards, inflatable tubes, fishing equipment, and more. There are so many possibilities for activities that there is sure to be something enjoyable for everyone.

While the beach and ocean are a lot of fun, Ambleside has other attractions as well. The children’s playground is a great way to keep kids entertained, and can provide some variety and a nice break from the sand. There is also a well-run concession stand that offers cheeseburgers, beverages, and an assortment of sweet treats. Another unique activity at Ambleside Beach is the access to the seawall. This is a great area to take a walk and enjoy the spectacular views of the city and Lion’s Gate Bridge. If you have a four-legged companion in your family, you can even bring it along as there is a dedicated space for dogs to run and play. There is also a par three golf course that is well maintained and a lot of fun if you enjoy a game of golf.

lawn service not required at this beach

Parking at Ambleside Beach is free of charge, which is always a welcome perk around the city. On beautiful summer days, it can pay off to plan on arriving early because the parking does tend to fill up as the day progresses. Ambleside Park is located west of the Lion’s Gate Bridge and can be accessed via the West Vancouver exit from the bridge. You will notice the beach just past the Park Royal Shopping mall if you remain on Marine Drive.

Overall, Ambleside Beach is an incredible place to spend a day enjoying the outdoors. Children will love playing in the sand and ocean, eating ice cream from the concession stand, watching freighters sail in and out of port, and finding all kinds of sea life. Adults can get in on the fun as well by playing golf, walking along the sea wall, fishing, playing with the dog, and more. It is an excellent place for family fun and should make its way to your summer to-do list.

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