All winter your lawn withstood the cold, the frost, and the snow, and yearned for spring to come again.  Now that spring is here, treat your lawn to proper care including regular mowing, periodic fertilizing, and most importantly, aeration.

What Is Lawn Aeration?

Aeration involves perforating the top layer of soil with small holes.  These small holes then allow water and nutrients to reach the roots of the grass providing important nutrition.  Aeration is performed with either a spike aerator or a plug aerator.  While the spike aerator simply pokes holes in the lawn surface, the plug aerator actually removes a small core of dirt, creating small holes in the soil to combat thatch, loosen compacted soil, and allow water absorption.

Reason 1:  Aeration Thwarts Thatch

Over time, lawn thatch builds up on your lawn making it difficult for your grass to receive proper nutrients and moisture.  Thatch is a thick layer of dead grasses that forms between the fresh green grass that is growing and the soil below.   If your lawn easily dries out and has a spongy feel to touch, it may have an excessive under layer of thatch which prevents nutrients and air from reaching the roots of the grass.

Reason 2:  Aeration Reduces Soil Compaction

If your yard is the choice playground for the neighborhood kids or was originally laid with sod, the soil may be too compact for nutrients and air circulation to reach the roots of the grass.  Heavy foot and pet traffic can work to pack down the soil.  Likewise if your lawn was part of a newly constructed home, the soil below the sod is likely very compact.  Proper aeration will loosen up that compacted layer of soil, promote air circulation, and encourage nutrient absorption, which in turn stimulates deep root development.

Reason 3:  Aeration Increases Water Absorption

When the soil is very compact, it cannot absorb water efficiently.  Rain water will run off, wasting an opportunity to nourish your lawn.  Proper aeration allows the soil to absorb water, reducing run off and lowering watering costs.

Aeration of your lawn will promote a lush, healthier lawn all summer long.  Taking steps to increase the overall health of your lawn will aide your grass in defending against its enemies: drought, disease, and insects.  Call our office today to schedule aeration of your Vancouver area lawn this spring for a brighter, greener summer.

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