Now that summer is officially over, believe it or not, that doesn’t necessarily mean that planting your garden with flowers, shrubs and trees has to come to an end as well. Not only will it give you something unique to do during the off-season, but it will also be significantly less expensive than during the normal summer months. You still may be a little confused as to which types of flowers should be planted during this somewhat strange planting season, so continue reading to get some further insights!

1. Shrubs and Trees are an excellent plant to put into your garden during the fall. It’s never too early or too late to put these gorgeous plants into your gardens, so start planting this fall. Normally trees and shrubs can be quite expensive, however, when purchased during the fall season, they can be found anywhere between 50%-70% off regular price!

2. Perennials are best purchased during the fall months as well. You will find huge price reductions on almost all perennials at your local garden store, as most individuals will not buy plants that look like they are dying. These are great flowers to plant during this fall because perennials come back every year. What’s key with perennials is that the roots are healthy, so be sure to check the roots during your purchase. 3

3. Spring Flowering Bulbs are another stunning flower that can and should be planted during the fall season. They can be purchased in bulk, at discounted prices and will last the whole season through! You can plant these beauties right up until the ground freezes in your area, so get planting!

Make sure to continue your normal “summer” watering rituals, even though the surface of the soil may look moist because of dew or light rain. Water still needs to be absorbed into the ground in order to get to the plants roots so that they will survive the fall weather.