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August in the Garden

By Ingrid Schneller Copyright 2012 August gardening is a month of maintenance including watering, ha [...]

August in the Garden2017-03-06T18:38:12-08:00

Shades of Green: Lawn Health

Drive around any neighbourhood in Vancouver and you’ll likely spot a wide variation in lawn colour r [...]

Shades of Green: Lawn Health2012-05-25T11:00:30-07:00

Stepping Stone Paths

Stepping stones can provide a quick facelift to a boulevard, backyard or the side of your house tha [...]

Stepping Stone Paths2018-05-18T12:20:27-07:00

Entrance to Success

You’ve heard about the importance of making a good first impression when meeting people for the firs [...]

Entrance to Success2017-03-06T18:38:26-08:00

Harvesting Rainwater

Fifty years ago, most homes in Canada and the United States had rain barrels and cisterns. But as sp [...]

Harvesting Rainwater2017-03-06T18:38:29-08:00

Raking for Results

Raking is one of the best ways to welcome in spring for your lawn. If you’ve already raked in the fa [...]

Raking for Results2017-03-06T18:38:32-08:00