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Sprinkler System Design & Installation

Installing an automatic sprinkler system will make your property stand out in the neighborhood. There is no easier or more cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of your property, increase its value, and save yourself a lot of time, money and worry.

Keep in mind, however, that there is more to a sprinkler system than just sprinklers! System design and installation are critical factors that will affect your system’s performance and longevity. This is why it is important to have a professional contractor design and install the right system for your property. You can count on our professionals to do the job right the first time.

So put away your garden hoses and let our water-efficient, low-maintenance systems do your watering for you – on autopilot while you relax and enjoy a green healthy lawn and garden! You’ll have greener grass, healthier plants, and much more free time to smell the roses instead of watering them. In addition to keeping your landscape attractive year-round, an automatic sprinkler system will help conserve water too. Your system will place exactly the right amount of water on specific lawn and garden areas so that water is not wasted. A professionally installed sprinkler system is the smart way to water your yard,without lifting a finger.


A properly designed and professionally installed sprinkler system can:

  • make your property stand out with green grass and lush bright flower beds
  • increase your leisure time, not having to drag hoses around & protect your landscape investment (replacing plants, trees and lawns can be very expensive, but we can help with that too)
  • use water more efficiently, hand watering and dragging hoses around often result in over-watering one area and under-watering another


A properly designed sprinkler system will result in uniformity of water coverage. The criteria required for this includes:

  • The right sprinkler in the right location
  • Proper nozzle size and sprinkler spacing
  • Proper zoning, keeping grass zones separate from flower beds


Just like your vehicle, which requires regular maintenance, so does your sprinkler system. This includes:

  • Spring start-up
  • Repairs to broken or malfunctioning parts
  • Sprinkler and system adjustments as plants grow or landscape changes!
    winterization, draining the sprinklers and pipes of water before freeze-up

Outdoor Lighting

No matter what your landscape lighting needs, our professional crew is well equipped to help create, maintain, and repair a unique lighting design most flattering to your business and landscape.

Landscape lighting systems are safe, economical and energy-efficient and they also provide numerous benefits for business owners. Lighting can be used to provide safe access near paths, drives and entry areas.

Outdoor lighting increases security by discouraging potential intruders. The beauty of your garden and landscape can be dramatically enhanced by showcasing architectural and plant features with dramatic lighting techniques.



Using a large resource of possible lights, our team has the capability to install your system in an efficient and affordable amount of time. Our primary goal is to help you discover the hidden beauty of your property and landscape by night.


Whether it be for minor touch ups or a major overhaul, we’re happy to help you get your lighting system working in just the way you want it. Whether it be for bulb replacement, relocating of existing lighting systems now ineffective due to plant growth, adding photocells to existing lights so they automatically turn on at dark, or relocating lighting to better accent your business and landscape details, we are always ready to help.

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