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Beat the Beetle and Enjoy Your Lawn

The European Chafer Beetle is pervasive in Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby and Metro Vancouver areas.

Chafer beetles can cause extensive damage to lawn turf due to the larvae feeding on the roots of the grasses. Not only that but crows, raccoons, and skunks can pull apart a lawn in the fall and spring looking for those delicious grubs.

Despite the damage that chafer beetles are notorious for, the lawn care team at BUR-HAN has a plan to help reduce the number of grubs in your lawn, as well as strengthen your lawn to be resistant to the animals that search them out.

BUR-HAN’s Plan to Fight the Chafer Beetle Infestation

Chafer Beetle

Our plan has four parts, 3 parts defense and 1 part attack:

Chafer Beetle Defense

  1. Lawn Cutting Height – cutting at a proper height (2.5-3 inches) on a weekly schedule will promote deeper root growth, making the turf more resistant to both the grubs feeding on the roots and the animals pulling on the turf to locate the grubs.
  2. Lawn Fertilization – Regular fertilization of your lawn will ensure that the lawn receives the nutrients that it requires to be as strong and vigorous as possible.
  3. Lawn Irrigation – regular deep watering (2 times a week with 1-2 inches of water) will train the grass roots to grow deeper which helps the turf to become more resistant to attacks

Chafer Beetle Attack

  1. Nematode Application – The application of nematodes, specifically made for the European Chafer Beetle, normally this application should be applied in late July/early August to attack the grubs directly. Due to last seasons warming weather, we had noticed that the beetle is emerging earlier. First flight of captured beetle for 2016 occurred on May 31st. There is a good chance that this seasons application will be taking place earlier to maximize the effectiveness of the application depending on the temperatures and weather conditions.

What are Nematodes?

They are a natively-occurring microscopic round worm which, when applied at a rate in the 10’s of millions to your lawn, are an excellent way to control the European chafer grub. The nematodes work to eat the grubs from the inside out. Best of all, these worms are people, pet, and environmentally friendly.

Please note that unlike chemical controls (which can be harmful to kids and pets), this is an organic application, and as such will not be 100% guaranteed in completely killing all of the grubs in your lawn. In order to make the nematode application most effective, the lawn should be watered prior to the application, as well as two full weeks afterward on a daily basis. Watering permits are available from your City/District.

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Nematode Application cost estimate:

$238  Price is based on a 2000 sq. foot lawn and does not include GST.

We would be glad to give you a free quote for your property. Our Client Care Associates can help answer any of your questions. To contact us please call (604) 706-1362 or fill out our estimate request form below and one of client care associates will contact you.